The 1st Grade Sun Flower Painting Art Gallery (Dedicated To Vincent Van Gogh)

Today we finished our paintings, here they are!

DSC01310 by you.

Nice job. I thought they looked very lovely.




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9 responses to “The 1st Grade Sun Flower Painting Art Gallery (Dedicated To Vincent Van Gogh)

  1. Rachel Gresham

    Is this tempera paint on construction paper? The colors look great!

  2. Lisa

    These are beautiful! I’ve been looking for a sunflower painting project to do with my grade ones. Did you need to add white to the blue in order for it to show up on the black so well?

  3. Hi, I did add white to the blue, There just seems to be something wonderful about turquoise.

  4. These are just lovely! Your students I hope were very proud of themselves!

  5. angela malone

    How serendipitious to stumble upon these paintings in a google seach! Congratulations 1st Grade. These are just so beautiful and life affirming.

  6. Gerilyn

    What a great idea! I love the effect on black paper.

  7. Hello from England!

    I am a Primary school teacher from Greater Manchester, UK and I followed a link to your blog via Jill Clayton’s Bird nest crew.
    I teach children aged 4-5 years olds and we also have a blog:
    Jill and I were involved in quadblogging in January and we keep checking in on each other every so often!I was impressed with the amount of detail included in your pictures and the vibrant feeling you all managed to portray.
    Well done and keep blogging!
    From Mrs. Rafferty x

  8. Napicelli

    They are so beautiful! I hope you don’t mind if I use this for my first graders.

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