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Hearts From Home, 100 days of school

Is it really time for Valentines and the 100th Day of School?
Both, as always.

For the troops we all made Love Bugs and sent these Valentines to them via the Hearts From Home project. Ms. Wolfson and my class often team up so we teamed to construct something for those we hope are kept safe as they keep us safe. Her great idea to send them seemed perfectly expressed in Luv Bugs.
I no longer can easily insert things in this blog, this newest version awful with Flickr so here is the link out to see the Valentines. See them here

DSC08481 by you.

The 100 bug directions

DSC08367 by you.
A Hearts from Home Valentine.
DSC08376 by you.A class prepares the project

DSC08388 by you.
DSC08437 by you.

Our cupboard mailboxes ready for our notes.
DSC08413 by you.


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Thoughts on Dr. King from children’s lips to your ears

My class made a second movie set to music we listened to working…then they wrote.Recall they are in 1st grade, and Sheltered Immersion in a CA school trying to figure out why they get Monday home. ( I fixed some small things)

Here is what we have so far… Some 1st grade thoughts….

“Dr. King was important to me because….he helped us to think about love for one another.”

“Dr. King helped people of all ages. He taught friendship. If we love we will live.”

“Dr. King helped the world. He was a great person. He had children, they had to go on after he lost his life.”

“Dr King helps people to be nice. Black people were now able to ride a bus or be freerer trying to live a life.”

“Dr. King changed the way it was.”

“Dr. King told us not to fight and just be friends. I think we should follow Dr. King because he taught us to listen to something worth learning to do.”

“Dr. King helped black Americans not lose their self. And to let us black and white be in the same school.”

“Dr. King was a helpful man and he seemed kind and he made America better.”

“Dr. King was important to me he made us to think of love and not to fight.”

“If Dr. King did not stand up for himself we would not have a model today.”

“Dr. King made us equal and he made us think about loving each other not fighting and try not to lie to each other.”

” Dr. King was a great man cause he helped all the people cause when he doesn’t know he goes and learns it in school and books.”

“Dr. King he helped the world. He was a real person. Real. He happened. He had his own kids too. He was shot for his new and important ideas.”

“Dr. King changed and used laws for blacks and whites. He said don’t get mad and use your fists or kill the enemy. Try to see them as yourself.”

“Dr. King helped us to be in school with very different people.”

“Dr. King told us it doesn’t matter what is the skin color but we are all family no matter what.”
( the last Elvis wrote….but I forget the pen names here at home and I typed for them this time we only have one working computer, so this is just their text…..)

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“He’s Singing Our Song”

Friday Dr. Puglisi began his weekly visits to initiate PE activities, songs, science and the project “Exploring Space and Time.” We learned a bunch of songs he WROTE!

The first song we learned was called “Days of the Week”

The words go like this:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saaaatuuurday…

The week have seven, not eleven, we can count the days.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saaaatuuurday…

Morning and noon we are singing this tune…weeeeee can count the days.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saaaatuuurday…

The week has hours like petals on flowers, 24 hours in a day.

So here we are!

The idea of 24 hours in a day, rotation around the sun, the turning of our earth, directional words/concepts…all of this comes “straight” from our standards but this is being “placed’ gently into things we “do.” After Thanksgiving children will be able to start watching the movement of our earth by using the sun and a tether ball pole plus chalk, an observatory on our play-yard. It should be fun. And help gro our understandings. It all takes time.

Here are our journals…..our sight word bingo games…our drawing community maps and….our watching our work projected as we listened to a bit of cello with Yo Yo Ma.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”


And here is a slideshow of our turkey drawings, and our drawing and writing what we are thankful for this year……..

Thankful Thankgiving

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Portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

(this was never returned to my class, a book assembled to be shared-we hope it was appreciated as we sent it to the school board)

Today 1st graders made their Dr. King Portraits. Not an easy likeness to catch. We hope perhaps in this work is something that strikes you. The children wrote below the portrait with a little (okay, a lot on the typing) bit of 3rd grader help. They could NOT give them words though, because the 1st graders have lots to say and it is important for 2nd language learners to use their language expressing what they understand from lessons. Check back for Part two.

I knew when Martin Luther King Jr. Passed away. He got killed.

It was a sad day for us all. When I saw the movie I started crying.

And Martin Luther King helped the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. made the World a better place.

All the people who were black should not do the work for other people.

Dr. King made an important speech, “I Have a Dream.”

Martin Luther King Jr. helped people. He’s a good man.

He does not want the children to fight.

Now all students can go to school together.

And be friends.

He was strong and he was brave.

He made the world a better place because some white people hated

black people because of skin color. He changed it.

He helped us be friends.

Dr. King was nice.

Dr. King there was a lot of people in his marches.

He told us to love each other.

Martin Luther King is a real great writer.

The police took him to jail. NO, he was not bad.

He wanted people to be nice, treated fair.

Martin’s house was blown up, it did not stop him.

(coming soon, he was sick today)

Martin Luther King Jr. made a speech in Washington, D.C.

It was called the “I Have A Dream.”

He said skin color isn’t important.

He said judge by how people treat you.

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to change the world.

He wanted things to be special and fair.

He liked it nicely.

Martin Luther King Jr. is brave.

Because he was, us learn not to fight.

He liked us to be peaceful.

Dr. King was talking people about treating each other nice.

He was killed because he was nice.

He really was not happy with the American people ways.

He wanted it to be fairer.

Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to change the peoples.

Martin Luther King I started crying because someone killed him. I cried a lot.

Martin Luther King’s house was blown up too. He said no fighting,

love like you do your family.

He is important because he teaches everybody that we should

not fight. Once there were water fountains for blacks and whites.

Now that’s gone.

Martin Luther King was a great man.

Martin Luther King made speeches so that the white and black children could go to school together.

He stopped the fighting.

The day was a downpour mostly. Here is the rainbow that started the day through the wires that surround us.

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Our Friend Martin (Celebrating Dr. King)

The 1st grade met Dr. King today.

I was out very ill with acute bronchitis, so they watched a video ( “Our Friend Martin”, below) to learn about an important man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that shaped his times, and helped create the conditions to allow all children to sit happily on our nice carpet for learning. (here is a site for teachers and kids)

By way of introduction we are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This book helps and is in our classroom.

My Dream of Martin Luther King (Dragonfly Books)

This year the holiday to celebrate falls next week on Jan. 21, 2008, with a call to children and adults for a National Day of Service.

Service can be seen as something we do to help others, help out, to lift each other’s burdens, lighten the load, make it a little easier. In my time there was a song, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” it went like this….it helps explain service in a way, at least the feeling you need.

If you aren’t in a blocked district you’ll listen to a song talking about something King understood to be true, and gave his life to try to achieve. The idea we can serve and care for one another, that we go down the road of life together.

We seek fair chances.

You are very strong, you can help one another to be strong too.

A National Day of Service made me think of a poem that I write for all children.

Here it is, I’m working out chords to set it to music.

A Random Act of Service Is The Love Our Actions Do
Kiss a frog.
Dress your sister’s doll,
Climb an Everest in your way,
Give something to everyday
End this in a hug
Or Dig a flower bed
Or put a little spice in there instead

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

Drop the subject
Carry her backpack
Plan a project
That sends blankets, its all healing logic
Go to places where people have lost homes.
You could cook
Take it over
When your grandma’s all alone.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

Get a shiny quarter
Collect a dulling dime
Gather pennies in your shoe
It not a very hard
Thing to do
send them over
To someone who just really, after all, needs some more of you.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

You have your two hands
And a beautiful face
You can be so helpful
In this earthly space
Clean a beach
Wash a car
Your actions can go so far.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

Bending over
To pick up a spill
Is a way of saying I’m here
For you ever still
We serve each other
In the actions that we do
Every minute of our life what we do must be true.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

Pick a pansy
Make your bouquet
Volunteer your time
There’s nothing like today
Brother Martin, he is here
Seeing the actions that you do
Proud of the helping and especially of you.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

Make a friend
Reach out to those homebound
Take a bit of energy
Make o bit of synergy
You can be the answer
To the problems of the times
Give a little love and watch it spin around.

Any way you see it
When you look around
You can change the world
By serving those you found.

A random act of service is the love our actions do.

I remember Dr. King very well from when I was a little 6 and 7 year old.

I knew about his work talking about non-violence, peace, about giving all people equal opportunities, chances to be heard, chances to make a life from a fair starting place. He was a hero of mine.

I thought when I was 9 and he died that our world lost a light.

But , in a way, I was wrong. It just was a feeling I had because I was hurt over how he died.

The truth is the world has that light still. When you serve others, do kind things, care, try to make it better over worse. When you ask questions and when you demand that things be the best they can be for all you are carrying the light in you. It was the same light that I see closing my eyes each night and waking each day. A promise that we can make this day one that is beautiful.

Would you like some ideas to serve. I found a huge, huge list right here.

It’s a big, big list. You can make up one too!

Think, think, think. Help, help, help. Dr. King would respect that.

Here are some books that you should try…..

My Dream of Martin Luther King (Dragonfly Books)
My Dream of Martin Luther King (Dragonfly Books) (Paperback)
by Faith Ringgold (Illustrator)
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. (Scholastic Bookshelf)
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. (Scholastic Bookshelf) (Paperback)
by Jean Marzollo (Author), J. Pinkney (Illustrator)
Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. [BARGAIN PRICE] (Hardcover)
by Doreen Rappaport (Author)
I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream (Hardcover)
by Martin Luther King Jr. (Author), Kathleen A. Wilson (Illustrator)
I've Seen the Promised Land: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I’ve Seen the Promised Land: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Hardcover)
by Walter Dean Myers (Author), Leonard Jenkins (Illustrator)

This is a great VHS/DVD

Our Friend Martin
Our Friend Martin (1998)

Starring: Edward Asner, Angela Bassett
Rob Smiley

Now where can you go to learn and DO things?

Try these links….

Scholastic’s Research Tools
Martin Luther King, Jr. articles, African American History articles, Heroes and Accomplishments articles, and Black History articles. Articles cover various civil rights leaders and their contribution to the rights of African Americans.
Tour Martin Luther King, Jr.’s house
Take a virtual tour of the birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr. Click on a room in the floor plan to display a panoramic image of the room with a brief description.
Timeline of Dr. King’s Life
A simple timeline of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life illustrated by elementary children.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activities

About Martin Luther King, Jr. Day About Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Who is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? When and why is his day celebrated?
Martin Luther King Jr. Day coloring pages - coloring sheets for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Coloring Pages
Get out your interactive crayon and color some of these famous Americans in history, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. books for kids Thematic Reading List – Kids Books
A list of books to have in the classroom for students or teachers to read during a Black History Study.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Word search - Wordsearch for Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Wordsearch
Can you find all these Black History vocabulary words in this puzzle? Ten words are randomly chosen from this list of vocabulary words associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. : act, African, Alabama, American, assassinate, Atlanta, Birmingham, boycott, bus, court, demonstrate, discriminate, dream, emanicpate, equality, freedom, freed, injustice, justice, kind, leader, leadership, liberty, marches, Martin, media, minister, nobel, nonviolence, oppressor, oppressed, parks, peace, poverty, prejudice, protest, racial, racism, rights, riots, Rosa, Satyagraha, segregate, speech, struggle, surpreme, unjust, Vietnam, violence, voting, war
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr jigsaw puzzle for kids Jigsaw Puzzles
Snapshots of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and work.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Vocabulary Word Scramble Word Scramble
Unscramble these words associated with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr Day Activities and Resources for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Traditions and Kids Activities

A unity wreath

A very simple handshake craft to make

Make this sweet MLK rainbow pin

Writing paper

Stationery for younger kids

Stationery for older kids

Colour the picture and write a story or article below it

Print a colourful poster

“I have a dream” bookmarks

“The time is always right to do what is right” bookmarks

Misc. Martin Luther King Activities and Games

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Activities for Celebrating with Your Kids


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